Screenshot of's new front page. v2 Has Arrived

After more than six months’ worth of development, and after three years of an amazing beta, we are extremely proud and thrilled to announce that the new and completely overhauled version of has launched. With a brand new mobile-friendly design, and an overflowing list of new features and functionality, we have further cemented as the number one childfree dating site on the planet.

New Features, Filters, and Matches

Screenshot of the new match filters on

Through three-plus years of our beta, we collected a phenomenal array of feedback regarding our match filters: which ones our members wanted, and which ones we should avoid. Distance and geo-located match filters were the most desired, with age ranges and education coming in with high demand as well. Oh, and how about a filter which allows you to search for matches who have or are considering getting a vasectomy? Done!

Of course, we’re always interested to hear our members’ feedback, so if we need additional filters or tweaks to the existing set be sure to drop us a line via our feature suggestion topic on our general contact form. We do already have a couple more in the works, but at the moment those are top secret – stay tuned though!

In addition to our new match filters, our childfree members can now also create a favorites list, view who checked out their profile, and even see who’s favorited them – all with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger. Even better, we had a huge number of members who wanted something comparable to LinkedIn’s “private mode”; so, like our match filters feedback, we listened, and your very own childfree “Stealth Mode” – which can be enabled or disabled via your settings page, and allows you to view other profiles anonymously – is live in the new website as well.

Our Launch Broke Reddit’s /r/ChildFree

I guess the /r/ChildFree mods didn’t like our 100% upvoted topic – traffic to the new site was insane!

If you happened to be browsing the ChildFree sub-Reddit last night, then you surely saw our launch announcement thread tear through their listings in a matter of minutes after submission. With 100% upvotes, and an overwhelmingly positive and excited list of comments, traffic to CFdating went bonkers, and we have the new members to prove it. Why the moderators decided to remove the post is beyond me, but the validation was swift and it was real: no other childfree dating site comes close to, and we’ve got the upvotes to prove it.

Create a Profile for Free Today

Screenshot of the brand new CFdating profile page.

So what are you waiting for? Click or tap here to create a profile for free today, and you’ll be browsing tens of thousands of other childfree singles in your area within minutes. Stay tuned to our childfree dating blog, Twitter, Facebook, and our Instagram for more news, and enjoy the new version of CFdating!

New CFdating Feature - User Approval Status

New Feature: User Approval Status Display

Not many online dating platforms offer much in terms of ensuring authenticity across its community, but here at CFdating we’ve always believed that a platform without some form of user verification makes for a horrible user experience – so we decided to address it by making sure every single new profile here at childfree dating gets approved – or denied – by an actual human being. Since launching, our human approval system has been largely applauded from our growing community, but it’s also been one that’s been a bit shrouded in secrecy – but not on purpose. Today’s new feature launch of our global user approval status display is meant to remove the secrecy and confusion, and to also help speed the process up altogether.

Once you create a profile or simply log back in at childfree dating, you’ll instantly see a new status at the top of the site that will clearly show you where your account is in our approval process. Furthermore, you can click or tap on the status to learn more about what each status level means, and if you happened to see a “declined” status, we now offer tips to show you how this can get resolved extremely quickly.

No matter where you head to on the site, we’ll clearly display your account status so you always understand where your account status is at in the process, and what you’re able to access feature-wise on the platform.

Perhaps the biggest piece of confusion with our approval system here at childfree dating is what features are enabled or disabled. If your account is not yet approved OR your account has been declined, below is a short list of what you CANNOT do or experience until your account reaches an approved status:

  • Send a new message (only approved users can send messages)
  • Profile invisibility (only approved users will have their account visible in other user’s match searches; in other words, if your account is approved, other users will not be able to see you)

Users that are awaiting approval, and even users that have been declined are still fully able to browse matches, but they won’t be able to send a message or show up in other user’s searches. If your account status is displaying as “declined”, then once you click or tap on your status we’ll walk you through some quick steps on how to get it resolved – and quickly.

We’re really excited about this new feature, and we hope this will bring further clarity to our approval process. Of course, we have even more plans to expand upon this, so please stay tuned.

If you haven’t created a profile yet, what are you waiting for? is the number one childfree dating site on Earth, and on top of that we are 100% advertisement-free and 100% free to use. Create a profile today!

Photo of a hand holding a small globe to depict's new international matches feature enhancement for childfree dating singles.

CFdating Web Dev Update: Enhanced International Match Browsing Experience

Just three short days ago in our last update, we mentioned that new updates and browsing enhancements were coming to CFdating’s matches experience for international childfree singles, and today we are thrilled to announce that update is fully live.

For all childfree dating users based outside of the United States, you will now instantly be able to browse all eligible childfree matches from your home country without having to mess with any match filters, settings, or options. I realize this sounds extremely basic for those of you who have yet to create a profile here at CFdating, but know that it is a major improvement from what stood before since the matches system forced international users into a zip code search where that just isn’t applicable outside of the United States. However, we’re excited to bring a more intelligent geolocation search feature to international users very, very soon; we also have a suite of new match filters coming for the entire globe, so please stay tuned to the childfree dating blog for more updates.

As a reminder, our team of actual human beings reviews every new user profile, and only approved accounts are able to send messages to other childfree singles. Also, your account must be approved in order to have your profile show up in other user’s match searches; you can certainly still browse other matches while your account is awaiting approval, but you must have an approved account if you want to start showing up in other’s match searches. Our goal here at CFdating is to create a tight-knit, authentic community or real people that are truly childfree, because we don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

We have a metric truckload’s worth of updates and improvements still to come, so please stay tuned! And if you haven’t created a profile yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to join the world’s number one childfree dating site in the world! Product Update

CFdating Web Dev Update: Fixes, Matches Improvements, and More

Our philosophy here at childfree dating is continuous improvement, and that is significantly driven from the incredible and numerous suggestions and feedback sessions with the CFdating community. Today, we’re happy to announce a new round of fixes, updates, and new features to our matches system – with a heckuva lot more still in the works.

Let’s Talk Fixes

In the last few weeks if you’re CFdating account has been human-approved by our staff, but you haven’t been able to send messages with your matches – your solution has arrived. We encountered a bug thanks to feedback from the community, and we were able to get full resolution on it over the weekend. We also have made the interior CFdating experience a bit more informative for brand new members, as we want to make it more clear to new CFdate’rs that while the service is 100% free, your account must be fully approved by our staff before messaging is enabled. However, the messaging service is now back to 100%, so if your account is approved feel free to message your matches!

Speaking of matches, it looks like our development team had accidentally released a test version of our matches filter up onto the live website, so the radius was always getting set for 25 miles – no matter what you entered in the radius filter. We apologize for that, but know that the fix for this is live, and we’ve even started making additional enhancements to the matches system with quite a bit more in the works.

Matches Enhancements

How does a 2,000 mile radius sound? One of our most popular requests from the CFdating community was to expand our match search radius, so that’s exactly what we’ve done for our United States-based members. We also want to stress that this is just the beginning as there are a ton of new matches system feature adds coming in the next few weeks, with the first and foremost being one that we think our international users will love.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, (reliable) geolocation data for countries outside of the United States is hard to come by, so we’ve come up with a pretty good solution that should really improve matches for members outside of the US. Not only will this feature let members take a broader, more complete look at other childfree matches in their country, but it will also allow them to look at their surrounding area – much like the 2,000 mile radius does for folks here in the States. Look for this update very soon as it is at the top of our development list!

In a related note, we also will be rolling out some additional tests based on similar feedback in regards to long-distance matches: these tests will include one or two additional profile survey questions along with what we think will be a neat matches filter and viewing option in an effort to improve the overall experience. We’ve gotten a ton of suggestions to incorporate long-distance relationship options, so for those of you who have submitted those ideas please know we have some very cool updates coming.

If you haven’t created a profile here at yet, what are you waiting for? CFdating is the world’s largest childfree dating site, and we are 100% free with zero ads. On top of that, we use a team of actual human beings to approve every account – what other dating service offers that? Click here to create a childfree profile today, and stay tuned for more feature updates!

CFdating Web Dev Update: Time to Add More Profile Pics!

CFdating Web Dev Update: Time to Add More Profile Pics!

Keeping up with’s growth has been a challenge, but it’s also been incredible fun. Every day we get a tremendous amount of high quality feedback for new features, improvement ideas, and suggestions. So today we’re happy to announce that a critical new feature has launched, and one that is sorely overdue in the ability to now add up to nine different pictures to your profile. In other words, time to add more profile pics!

Adding new or additional profile pics to your childfree dating profile is super easy: once you’re logged in, simply head over to your profile page via the main hamburger menu up top, and then click or tap on “My Profile”. Once you’ve arrived at your profile, simply scroll or swipe down a bit to view your profile pictures section, and click or tap on any of the nine user photo slots to add or even replace an existing photo. Choose a photo, click or tap on the upload button, and that great new picture you took last weekend will be up on your profile in no time.

More New Features in Development

So what’s next? Actually, we’ve got a huge number of development projects in the works that we’d like to highlight – or at least cover some of the major ones that the childfree dating community has been requesting:

Improve the match geolocation search experience.

This project covers quite a bit, and it’s been a lot of fun building out. While the community is growing at an insane rate, since we still have pockets of small user bases (namely ultra-rural areas of the US as well certain countries), we’re working on improving the match searching experience for those users so that they can look at childfree singles at a broader, wider scale. Users in countries outside the United States may also get to browser all the childfree users in their country since geolocation data (lat, long, and postal codes) has been pretty hard to come by – at least reliable data sets. For the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, we’ve got some other filtering options in the works that hopefully should be happily welcomed.

Add intuitive, helpful match filter options to improve the matches experience.

Now this is the development project area which we’re most excited about, as we have some great ideas and plans for some exciting new match filters that will be rolling out very soon. A few them are:

  • Filter matches with photos
  • Filter matches by age, height, drinking, smoking, pets, and even education status, which are all existing fields that are part of the CFdating user registration / profile today
  • Filter matches by NEW user survey fields that we are tinkering with adding; we don’t necessarily want to turn CFdating into e-harmony’s years-long user setup, but we do think a few more user profile fields will be helpful and useful to all – particularly when it comes to filtering your matches

We want to hear more ideas and feature suggestions from you!

The feature ideas and plans above are just the tip of the iceberg, but we want to stress that we want ideas from our amazing community to keep pouring in so we can continue to make the #1 childfree dating site on earth. So with that being said, if you’re not part of the community yet, click here to create a 100% free profile to find the childfree partner of your dreams! Product Update

CFdating Web Dev Update

Since our covert launch a year or so ago, CFdating has gone from the new kid on the childfree dating block to a community that is really starting to pick up steam, and as the founder that is really exciting!  My wife and I started with the sole mission of creating an authentic community for those of us who choose to be child free, because as we all know we’ve seen too many of these CF dating sites pop up only to disappear a few months in.  Well, I’m proud to report that not only is our community growing rapidly, it’s also not going away – ever.  Now THAT is exciting!  So with that being said, let’s talk web development to highlight some of the site improvements we have here in the works.

Improved Matches & Search

While our user base here at CFdating is growing extremely well, in hindsight I should have structured the site’s core matching system to do a bit better job displaying national matches while the community falls into place.  We have some wonderful members out there in our community, and hearing from many of them they’ve mentioned that a great feature would be to include a more nationalized matching system – with of course retaining the ability to go hyper-local in their searches.  Duly noted!  Expect to see the new and improved matches system very soon, and thank you again to our awesome users who helped shape this change!

More New User Approval Checks

We take your security, privacy, and time very seriously here at CFdating, and the user approval system we’ve put in place back at launch has really done a great job in preventing a ton of lackluster, and potentially sketchy profiles from cluttering up your matches.  While I’m obviously not going to disclose the specifics of what we have in place, and what’s to come, just know that the profiles and matches you see and meet here at CFdating have gone through a very intensive approval process – one that I’m pretty proud of, and one that is continuing to evolve!

Improved Profiles Coming

As we continue on with the beta, we’ve received some great feedback as well as some frustrations on our profiles, user images, and the need for some new profile questions / fields.  First off, I’m working on getting a cool new feature included that allows users to rotate and manipulate profile pics that they upload; sometimes, when uploading a photo from a mobile device, the image uploaded is imported sideways.  This new feature should solve that, and it will also provide some other neat functionality as well to really improve profile pictures all around.  As I mentioned above, we’re also doing some bug fixing with profiles, and we’re also exploring getting more questions and answer fields plugged into the site to provide a bit more depth to the profile.  Look for these changes very soon!

Still 100% Free, and Still 100% Ad-Free is still 100% free to create a profile, search for and message matches, and on top of that you will not see a single advertisement along the way.  How many other dating sites can say that?  We want to build a community for child free singles, and the best way to do that is to provide them with the best experience imaginable.  That’s our plan, and we’re sticking to it!

We will have lots more improvements along the way, and we’ll drop a new note here on the CFdating Blog when we have news to report.  I hope everyone’s Spring is off to a great start – enjoy, and we will talk to you soon!