New CFdating Feature - User Approval Status

New Feature: User Approval Status Display

Not many online dating platforms offer much in terms of ensuring authenticity across its community, but here at CFdating we’ve always believed that a platform without some form of user verification makes for a horrible user experience – so we decided to address it by making sure every single new profile here at childfree dating gets approved – or denied – by an actual human being. Since launching, our human approval system has been largely applauded from our growing community, but it’s also been one that’s been a bit shrouded in secrecy – but not on purpose. Today’s new feature launch of our global user approval status display is meant to remove the secrecy and confusion, and to also help speed the process up altogether.

Once you create a profile or simply log back in at childfree dating, you’ll instantly see a new status at the top of the site that will clearly show you where your account is in our approval process. Furthermore, you can click or tap on the status to learn more about what each status level means, and if you happened to see a “declined” status, we now offer tips to show you how this can get resolved extremely quickly.

No matter where you head to on the site, we’ll clearly display your account status so you always understand where your account status is at in the process, and what you’re able to access feature-wise on the platform.

Perhaps the biggest piece of confusion with our approval system here at childfree dating is what features are enabled or disabled. If your account is not yet approved OR your account has been declined, below is a short list of what you CANNOT do or experience until your account reaches an approved status:

  • Send a new message (only approved users can send messages)
  • Profile invisibility (only approved users will have their account visible in other user’s match searches; in other words, if your account is approved, other users will not be able to see you)

Users that are awaiting approval, and even users that have been declined are still fully able to browse matches, but they won’t be able to send a message or show up in other user’s searches. If your account status is displaying as “declined”, then once you click or tap on your status we’ll walk you through some quick steps on how to get it resolved – and quickly.

We’re really excited about this new feature, and we hope this will bring further clarity to our approval process. Of course, we have even more plans to expand upon this, so please stay tuned.

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