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Staying True to our Definition of Childfree

Over the last couple years, as CFdating has grown exponentially from just a few thousand singles to the de facto childfree dating platform on the planet, our team behind the scenes has seen just about every kind of profile application you can think of. And while our account approval process, which is meant to only allow truly childfree singles into the community, has performed wonderfully, we wanted to publicly display our definition of what our community believes to be the true meaning of “childfree”.

In short, and through stellar feedback from our CFdating members and other childfree outlets online, we arrived at this definition of childfree:

“People who have made a clear choice not to have children, now or in the future.”

We elected to publish it on the exterior of our website for a number of reasons, and not just to help dissuade certain individuals – say, who may have kids from another marriage or kids who have grown up and moved out – from applying, but most importantly we decided to publish it publicly so we can authentically stay true to the people who matter most – our childfree members and community of CFdating. Our staff wants you to know we are doing everything in our power to not only grow this dating platform (and in fact, it’s growing so quickly on its own it’s been hard to keep up!), but keep its membership ranks true to what we all believe is the true essence of being childfree: no kids, not now or in the future.

We have SO many exciting things coming to CFdating that it’s hard to keep a secret, like explorations of a native iOS and Android mobile app to complement our website, new match filters and profile features, and much more that we’ll reveal very soon. In the meantime, we want our community to know we’ll always stay true to our childfree definition so YOU can have the authentic, safe childfree dating experience that we all desire.