Product Update

CFdating Product Update

What a year it’s been for CFdating: we’ve added tens of thousands new childfree singles all around the world, shipped new features and site updates, and even upgraded our backend – all with plenty more exciting updates that are in the works. Let’s dive in!

Some Cool Stats

While we already mentioned the tens of thousands of new profiles already created this year alone, how about some other cool stats that we’ve witnessed across CFdating?

  1. We recently crossed over the 10,000 messages sent milestone; how awesome is that? To be able to create a venue in which (finally!) childfree singles can connect is one thing, but to see it take off to the levels of 10k+ messages being sent is just incredible. At this rate, we’ll cross the 100,000 messages sent milestone within a couple more years at most – just awesome!
  2. Favorites are a hit: one of our most-used features is the favorite button, with more than 11,000 favorites added to date. This is a free, uncapped feature, and the usage here is awesome to see – I wonder what we’ll see first? 100,000 messages or 100,000 users getting favorited? That’s a win-win either way, because that means our community continues to grow exponentially!
  3. Authenticity: our team of childfree humans working behind the scenes here at CFdating have now prevented more than 100 accounts from being created that did NOT meet our childfree definition. Like we’ve said in previous posts, we do not disclose our full vetting process, but it’s great to see it working pretty effectively.

New Features and Updates

So what’s new on the website? We’ve been hard at work at collecting everyone’s feedback, and even bug reports, and we’ve made a ton of solid progress on fixing issues and adding new features. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the more important updates:

  1. Block feature launch: we recently built and shipped a block feature that’s available to all members and does not require a premium membership. To be honest, this is a feature we should have shipped a long, long time ago, and not because we’re seeing a huge amount of problem useres, but just because it’s a safety feature that should have been on CFdating from the start. Nevertheless, the block feature is now available (as of about a month ago), and it does just what you think it does: you can entirely block another member from connecting or messaging you if you desire.
  2. Photo upload bug fix: although it took some time for our team to troubleshoot and debug, we finally have a profile photo upload bug squashed so image uploads should no longer be an issue. Thank you to everyone who reached out via our support lines to let us know and help provide details, and of course, if anything pops up please keep us posted.
  3. New admin system: while this isn’t user-facing, we also wanted to share that we completely overhauled our website management portal for our admin team so we can move faster and more efficiently when working with our childfree members on profile updates, account changes, and more.

What’s Coming Next?

Well, we’ve got LOTS in store for, and from our perspective its all very exciting! Here’s a quick breakdown of what we have in the works:

  1. Childfree Partners Blog List: we’ve had many childfree influencers reach out to us and inquire about link sharing partnerships, and we wanted to let you all know we’re excited to soon launch a blog roll in which we can more closely partner and build up the childfree community together. Much more to follow on this soon!
  2. Affiliate Program: this is one of the more exciting updates to share, as we are currently exploring affiliate program software integrations to help the insane number of childfree entrepreneurs out there who have shown interest in this. In short, this would allow literally anyone in the chilfree community to send traffic to, and for those users who convert to paid subscriptions, and receive a percentage of revenue for each transaction. Much, much, much more to follow on this very soon!
  3. Internationalization: perhaps the most requested feature we’ve collected since launching the site is the ask to open up the matches system so that it’s truly global. Currently, users are limited to their own countries for searching and connecting with matches, but we are looking at ways and re-architecting this so that the entire world (our entire community) is open to all. We know this is taking a while, but please bear with us – we want to make sure we get it right.
  4. Long Distance Matches: speaking of internationalization, we HAVE taken a first research step in adding a new profile survey question that asks whether or not you are open to long distance relationships. You can answer this profile question now via the Edit Profile path, and you can do it even you’ve created a profile months ago. Again, we want to make sure we get internationalization and long distance matches right, and this will help us get there.

That about wraps up this childfree dating update, but we’ll definitely keep you all posted on the above – and future product updates – as soon as we have them. We can’t thank our community enough – to be the de facto home for childfree dating is amazing, and the outreach and support for this is truly inspirational.

Here’s to an amazing remainder of our childfree year! If you haven’t created a profile yet, what are you waiting for? Click or tap here to join CFdating!