Photo of a hand holding a small globe to depict's new international matches feature enhancement for childfree dating singles.

CFdating Web Dev Update: Enhanced International Match Browsing Experience

Just three short days ago in our last update, we mentioned that new updates and browsing enhancements were coming to CFdating’s matches experience for international childfree singles, and today we are thrilled to announce that update is fully live.

For all childfree dating users based outside of the United States, you will now instantly be able to browse all eligible childfree matches from your home country without having to mess with any match filters, settings, or options. I realize this sounds extremely basic for those of you who have yet to create a profile here at CFdating, but know that it is a major improvement from what stood before since the matches system forced international users into a zip code search where that just isn’t applicable outside of the United States. However, we’re excited to bring a more intelligent geolocation search feature to international users very, very soon; we also have a suite of new match filters coming for the entire globe, so please stay tuned to the childfree dating blog for more updates.

As a reminder, our team of actual human beings reviews every new user profile, and only approved accounts are able to send messages to other childfree singles. Also, your account must be approved in order to have your profile show up in other user’s match searches; you can certainly still browse other matches while your account is awaiting approval, but you must have an approved account if you want to start showing up in other’s match searches. Our goal here at CFdating is to create a tight-knit, authentic community or real people that are truly childfree, because we don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

We have a metric truckload’s worth of updates and improvements still to come, so please stay tuned! And if you haven’t created a profile yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to join the world’s number one childfree dating site in the world! Product Update

CFdating Web Dev Update: Fixes, Matches Improvements, and More

Our philosophy here at childfree dating is continuous improvement, and that is significantly driven from the incredible and numerous suggestions and feedback sessions with the CFdating community. Today, we’re happy to announce a new round of fixes, updates, and new features to our matches system – with a heckuva lot more still in the works.

Let’s Talk Fixes

In the last few weeks if you’re CFdating account has been human-approved by our staff, but you haven’t been able to send messages with your matches – your solution has arrived. We encountered a bug thanks to feedback from the community, and we were able to get full resolution on it over the weekend. We also have made the interior CFdating experience a bit more informative for brand new members, as we want to make it more clear to new CFdate’rs that while the service is 100% free, your account must be fully approved by our staff before messaging is enabled. However, the messaging service is now back to 100%, so if your account is approved feel free to message your matches!

Speaking of matches, it looks like our development team had accidentally released a test version of our matches filter up onto the live website, so the radius was always getting set for 25 miles – no matter what you entered in the radius filter. We apologize for that, but know that the fix for this is live, and we’ve even started making additional enhancements to the matches system with quite a bit more in the works.

Matches Enhancements

How does a 2,000 mile radius sound? One of our most popular requests from the CFdating community was to expand our match search radius, so that’s exactly what we’ve done for our United States-based members. We also want to stress that this is just the beginning as there are a ton of new matches system feature adds coming in the next few weeks, with the first and foremost being one that we think our international users will love.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, (reliable) geolocation data for countries outside of the United States is hard to come by, so we’ve come up with a pretty good solution that should really improve matches for members outside of the US. Not only will this feature let members take a broader, more complete look at other childfree matches in their country, but it will also allow them to look at their surrounding area – much like the 2,000 mile radius does for folks here in the States. Look for this update very soon as it is at the top of our development list!

In a related note, we also will be rolling out some additional tests based on similar feedback in regards to long-distance matches: these tests will include one or two additional profile survey questions along with what we think will be a neat matches filter and viewing option in an effort to improve the overall experience. We’ve gotten a ton of suggestions to incorporate long-distance relationship options, so for those of you who have submitted those ideas please know we have some very cool updates coming.

If you haven’t created a profile here at yet, what are you waiting for? CFdating is the world’s largest childfree dating site, and we are 100% free with zero ads. On top of that, we use a team of actual human beings to approve every account – what other dating service offers that? Click here to create a childfree profile today, and stay tuned for more feature updates!