About CFdating

I'll be honest: until I met my beautiful wife in 2011, I hadn't even heard of this amazing lifestyle we all cherish and know today as "childfree".

"What sub-reddit are you checking out? /r/Childfree? What is that? Wait, there are how many subscribers?"

After we got married, and we were both fully flying the childfree flag, that sub-reddit popped up again, and the web developer in me had a thought: I wondered if anyone had created a childfree dating website. After a quick search online, while we did come across a handful of sites that claimed to be childfree dating platforms, the communities were small and the experiences were even worse. We then decided to build our own - so that the lifestyle we cherished, and more importantly our community - could have their own dedicated corner of the Internet that they could call home and find love.

"How in the world is there not a dating site yet for the childfree community? Let's build one!"

And so it began: in February 2018, our beta website launched with extremely limited functionality, and since then the response from the childfree community has been off the charts. As we write this story today, with the launch of our official, full-featured second version of CFdating.com in December 2020, we are excited and proud to say that we are all in. The community has provided us with such great insight throughout our beta phase, and we are thrilled to help this website grow even more for decades to come.

So who are we - who's the team behind the scenes at CFdating.com? As you've likely already gleaned, CFdating is led by a husband and wife duo that does everything in house, from marketing and social media to web development and customer support. We're not only American-made (we live in the greater Atlanta, GA, area), but we're a veteran-owned company as well. We live and breathe the childfree lifestyle, and our goal is ensure *our community* has the best online dating platform available so that you can meet that childfree love of your life just like I did back in 2011. We are completely dedicated to this website, and are so excited to share it with you!